Where do I print?

by Misty Dawn

all |LYP| sessions come with a CD including the best images from the session & a print release so that my clients can upload, share & print whenever & wherever they’d like.

but . . . . 

I do highly recommend using a professional print lab.

while you do have the freedom to choose wal-mart for convenience or costco or wherever, i’m telling you, it’s worth the few extra dollars to wisely go with a lab that caters to photographers.

i got in this business for multiple reasons, but ordering prints just wasn’t one of them.  i’m in it for the people, for the memories in the images that will be treasured for years & years to come,

and yes,

to bring attention & glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

i talk about Him,

write about Him,

& hope that your experience with |LYP| will push you closer to Him in whatever way He allows.

shoot me an email when you’re ready to order prints, & i’ll walk you through the process & send you my personal recommendations.

it’s simple.

anyone can do it.

& i’m more than happy to show you how easy & worth it using a professional print lab really is.