and yet His giving has only begun

by Misty Dawn


beginning each day not only in sheets, but most likely ones you’ve actually chosen.

which means you have a bed.

which most likely means you’ve got a place to live.

orange juice, coffee or tea.

and not because you’re thirsty,

only cause it’s morning.

the gift to taste.


aren’t they wonderful?

made in the image of God.


an ever-changing canopy of splendor.

majesty that completely covers.

never out of sight.

art at all times.

the wind.

the rain.

the cool.

the gift to feel.

the gift to touch.

and dinner.

on plates you’ve probably chosen.

with people you probably love.

or should.


full of more treasure than the richest of vaults.

and the ability to read them.

what a wonderful thing.


on streets you’ve probably chosen. 

with stories.

with wisdom.

with love yet shared.

holidays ’round every corner.

reminders to pause and celebrate.

as if we even needed reminders.

but we do.

we do.

what grace there is in all that surrounds us.

what wonderful grace.

and yet His giving has only begun.