celebrating & traditions

by Misty Dawn

I love celebrating.

& I love traditions.

but I really love celebrating traditions.


it’s fun.

but I wonder . . .

how much tradition has simply become thoughtless?

at least for some.

but I suspect for many.

so routine that the meaning, the meaning that initially brought the joy,

has been lost.

like fine wine,

I want the aroma of my life refined.

my awareness.

my purpose.

in all things, I want more life.

but especially in what I celebrate,

and even more so what I deem worthy of making tradition.


pumpkins remind me of my warm and gentle Creator.

and the leaves, magical in color, remind me of the cycles we all go through in this life.

how even in their death, their decay lends to the soil what is necessary for the tree it fell from to continue living.

the death of the leaves sustain the life of the tree.

an echo of another reality.

how gracious is our God to give us such beauty to behold.

such wonder to wonder over.


and yet some still choose to celebrate this month, this day, with skeletons or bloody hand prints all over their windows and doors.

I wonder what those things remind them of . . .

if anything at all . . .

whether they have any purpose behind their tradition,

what kind of joy it’s bringing to their hearts, or to their neighbors.

I wonder how many neighbors have just buried a baby, or a friend that tragically took their own life.

I wonder what they feel when they pass yard after yard glamorizing death.

I wonder if they have anyone to share that pain with, or if they feel like they have to hide their pain cause all the blood, it’s just for fun,

it shouldn’t be thought too deeply about, right?

it’s just tradition.


tonight I’ll sit with my family and my neighbors, enjoying the children, their costumes, sweet candy and sweet conversation.

I’ll think about how beautiful the weather is, how creative my Creator is, how happy I am to be home, and with purpose I’ll rejoice.

because the fall reminds me of Jesus, the anticipated messiah.  the King of Kings, who reigns now.  the one through which all things were made.  visible and invisible.




all things.

the fall’s transition from summer to winter reminds me of our God, who is purposeful in all He does.

and so I celebrate.

and I enjoy traditions as I wait for His return.

amidst the conversations and the motivations for what we all celebrate,

amidst the décor, thoughtless or purposeful . . .

in all things, I’ll seek to honor The One who my lips claim to love.