$299 |LYP| Giveaway

by Misty Dawn


this holiday season is already feeling different . . .

isn’t it?

there’s seeming to be more of a desire to be together than to purchase.

to laugh than to spend.

and to savor, rather than overindulge.

maybe i’m just around different people these days.

maybe i’m just different.

maybe it’s both.

but certainly, it’s good.

today, starts the day of the next |LYP| giveaway.

and it’s the biggest yet.

a full family session gift certificate, to keep, or to give

the winner will be announced, day after thanksgiving.

you can find the images chosen for the contest by clicking |here|.

as always, all VOTERS must |LIKE| the Facebook page for their VOTE to count, then LIKE the photos they think should win.


can’t wait to see who wins!