i’m over being entertained

by Misty Dawn

to put it kindly, i’m kind of over entertainment taking precedence over genuine pleasure.

and i’m kind of over lots of options when there’s great joy to be found in what i already have.

i want pleasure.

and genuine joy.

2013’s word was INTENTIONAL.

my new word,

2014’s word, will be KNOW.

i wanna know what my heart craves.

not what’s trending.

or what the masses are claiming to enjoy.

i wanna see.



i wanna eat less and taste more.

i want to spend less and experience more.

i want to hear more than i say.

and make more than i take.

i want inside of life.

the deepest, most raw spaces.

not the personas,

but the souls.

not the updates,

but the rhythms of the universe.

i want to hear the voices of my friends.


i want to know what they’re not posting.

and i wanna hear it through the beautiful sounds their voices make.

i want my mind ready for my husband.

for my daughter.

for life.

i don’t want the lives of those i do not really know clouding the life of mine.

so for this next year . .

(starting now)

social media no longer exists on my phone.

i will no longer stay current on the feeds of Facebook, instagram or twitter.

i’ll feed on the unbelievably beautiful life that takes place where i am.

and i’ll share the moments with the ones who are with me.

i’ll take less photos,

but ones with more meaning.

as i watch the sun set, i’ll listen.

and care less about what anyone else in the world is doing.

i’ll breathe.

and enjoy the smells.

i’ll know the moment.

and relish in the intensity of what is.

what actually is.

 where i actually am.

 and i’ll let my heart wander.