forever committed.

by Misty Dawn

this is the baby girl of a young woman i’ve committed to walk through a tough season with.


being a young, single parent is no easy burden.

it really is an impossible role, alone.

you can’t just work hard.

you’ve got to hire someone to keep your baby.

everything is your responsibility.

there is no real security.

cause life as a single parent is barely keeping your head over water.

there aren’t options.

i know this because it’s what I lived.


but now i have a husband.

and a home.



so this little mom that God has placed in my life . . .

i’m not going to let her walk through this alone.

she can’t.

it’s not possible.

she needs a babysitter.

she needs a friend.

she needs someone to assure her that these days will NOT always be like they are.

she needs someone to see the light that she cannot.

she needs gifts.


and help doing things she has no experience with.

like maintenance on an old, unmaintained car.

cause that’s the only transportation she has.

i’m committed to her, and this precious baby girl.

as should each of us be for someone in need.

truly committed.


forever committed.

i can do a lot.

and she is already doing much.

but today i’m the one who is asking for help.

her car needs work.

a lot.

she can’t afford a monthly payment on something newer or more reliable.

but with the help of a friend’s trustworthy mechanic, we can get what she has back in good shape and reliable for her and her daughter for a few more years.

there’s engine work, brake work, shock work, and a myriad of other things.

the total cost of all the repairs needed is $4,700.

i don’t have it,

or i’d give it.

and more.

but i know people, and i know they know people.

and so I’m asking.

would just 47 of you give $100.

would a few of you give more?

would many of you give $50 or $20?

i wanna get this car in the shop now.

like yesterday.

i don’t want these two little ladies on the side of the road,

and that’s absolutely where they’re heading.

if you’re willing to help, please txt me or send me an email today.

(817) 937-0777


thank you.

many can accomplish so, so much.

if you can’t help today,

do you know someone else who may be able?