let Your voice be heard

by Misty Dawn

we’re made in Your image.

all of us.

and some of us are Your very temple,

Your very sanctuary.

from dust to breathing in Your life,

to redemption,

and from glory to glory,

You make us.

ordaining our days.

increasing our wisdom.

exchanging our judgement for mercy.

and replacing our fears with freedom.

making us.

into reflections of You.

Everlasting God,

I wonder . . .

with You as our creator, author of all, how much have you to say? maker of the heavens, colors, tone and taste, have you created us in Your image that we might create things in Yours? do we sing because Your words are written on our hearts? do we write with fingers of flesh because The Word became flesh for us? reflections of a perfect artist, we’re created in Your image.

I wonder . . .

are we getting to see, hear and taste all that You’ve handcrafted?

are there image bearers of Yours with majesty not yet shared?

are there words hidden? songs unwritten? art unmade?

is there beauty undiscovered? 

open the hearts where Your spirit dwells and pour out Your brilliance Lord.  let Your artistry flow through the rivers of Your freedom, through the branches of Your vine, us.

Lord, make us understanding,

reflecting all You’ve created us to.

let Your voice be heard.