chesed. like His love for us.

by Misty Dawn

“the messy kind.”


one of my absolute favorite things to share with y’all, are the stories behind the incredible lives i get to share mine with.

and one of those lives is lindi’s.

this lindi.


she’s an artist.

but mostly she’s a giggler.

she’s a missionary with a vision to see those who the world assigns no value, valued.

a vision to see those created in the image of God captivated,

by the love of their creator.

passionate about grace,

and passionate about redemption.

she flees the comfortable in search of the eternally valuable.

and i get to know her!

i get to create with her!

and giggle with her!


i get to share in the grace that she is so passionate about, and be redeemed alongside of her.

for now –

she’s leaving this September for Houston, Texas,

to live as light in a darker place.

to love on those who God braids into her path.

to serve.

to share burdens.

to enter the mess, and steadfastly love.

“the messy kind,”

as lindi says.

“the let me see it all, and share it with you,” kind.

the chesed kind.

His kind.


if you’re interested in helping support this kind of mission work, or Lindi, as she heads for Houston this next year, you can find more information on how to do that here. your donation of any amount will help Lindi as she serves and steadfastly loves on those not yet living in the light that she is.


the steadfast love of God is His chesed love.



remaining still,

even when the subjects of His love wander.


without condition.

steady & persistent.

forever, and unchanging.