my heart is spoken for.

by Misty Dawn

three years ago in the spring of 2011, God told me that I was His,

and I listened.

for the first time, I really listened.

that August, on the seventh day, I was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

i was raised to walk in newness of life,

by the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.


although i believed i was independent, until that spring, i had been a slave to sin.

raised on that seventh day, a slave still, but a slave to righteousness.

a prisoner still,

but without chains.

a willing captive.

salvation sealed.

it’s hard for me to believe it’s only been 3 years.

so many changes.

so much life.

so much death,

to sin.


 “Sin shall not be master over you.”

how immensely have i seen this promise fulfilled.

while this side of Heaven will always invite me to play inside its muddy waters,

the stains and chains of sin i no longer desire more than i desire the one who is the greatest treasure,

the one who offers perfect, living water. 

yet the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing.

salvation is given little thought.

sin is a word treated as extreme.

as an overreaction to what is considered the norm.

and righteousness seen as a bore.

the redeemer is treated like one who only gives grace.

who is only love.

but He is not only these things.

and justly so.

i breathe deeply my memories made these 3 short and so long years.

i marvel in the grace that i’ve been given to see mud as mud,

and righteousness as beyond measure.

i marvel that as i walk now in opposition to many,

often seen as one to be pitied,

yet with trust always increasing.

and life,

always increasing.

i read somewhere once that those who are not walking won’t notice their chains,

those not alive to life.

i know that i certainly had not noticed mine.

not until that spring, in 2011.

if anything those chains I wore felt much like freedom.

like choice.

like chosen personality.

like desire.

but that’s muddy water for you.

 O perfect lover of my soul, how matchless are your ways. More to be desired than gold are they. Your presence, better than wine, my lips wait to taste. Intoxicate me with your flawless love. My eternal husband, betrothed to you am I, forever.