these are His waters.

by Misty Dawn

244 years ago a man died.

today, his life is still remembered.

of him Ben Franklin wrote,

“from the crowded court house steps, streets filled with hearers, i had the curiosity to learn how far this man could be heard, and so by retiring backwards and down the street . . . his voice could be heard almost a mile away.”

George Whitefield,

a man whom twenty-five thousand plus would gather to hear.

i wonder to how many am i willing to speak truth . . . 

how far my voice might reach?

or how deep . . .

and how true is the truth that i’m sharing?

what a burden.

and what a blessing.


“if you are going to walk with Jesus Christ, you are going to be opposed . .

in our days, to be a true Christian is really to become a scandal.” Whitefield

but these are His waters.

they’re deep.

requiring a trust that’s without borders.

“beg of God to give you faith; and if the Lord give you that, you will by it receive Christ, with his righteousness, and his all . .

and none, none can tell, but those happy souls who have experienced it with what demonstration of the Spirit this conviction comes . .” Whitefield

George Whitefield,

a man declaring the whole world his “parish.”

“make disciples,” Jesus says.

and i’d say this man did just that.

God be praised.