by Misty Dawn

because it’s always more.

for the past few years, i’ve laid aside resolutions and picked up the word of the year trend. and i highly doubt i’ll be going back. having something as simple as a word, as a reminder, has brought a personal richness to my days that only i can fully know. i can share my word, but i could never share the fullness of the depths of my heart and soul. i myself don’t even know these depths.

in 2013 I chose the word INTENTIONAL. it was a year for investing in the two most important souls i knew.

probably one of my favorite fruits of choosing a specific word, or direction, to follow me through an entire year is the deep pathway that is set in my heart. well beaten paths make the direction obvious and less energy is needed for finding ones way.

the choice to invest in the souls of those under my same roof is a deep pathway now that i will always travel on. no matter the souls. and no matter the roof.

2014 brought the word KNOW.  i was tired of being made by my culture and wanted to know more of what i am actually made of and made for. i wanted to live my life. mainly this looked like spending very little time on social media and more time IN my world. observing, and savoring what was . . my reality.

i wanted less entertainment and more pleasure. and in some ways that is what i got. and in others, it wasn’t.

this year, I choose the word LESS.

because really, i do think it always leads to more.

i actually chose the word months ago, but wasn’t so sure about it. it didn’t feel like enough. not rich enough. not worthy to commit to for an entire year. i wanted deep pathways carved, ones that I’d always enjoy traveling through.

to be honest, i didn’t want to want less forever.

maybe a season, but forever?

over the months, God has shown me that not only is this my word, but how merciful He is that He’d give it to me months in advance to saunter through. He knew the thickness of my fields.

and He was gracious to let me wander and play before the honest work of carving this terrain would begin.

and now i’m ready.

and sure.

this year, i want to filter all through this new lens of less and see what is left.


all i have.

all i do.

all i desire.

i want to filter it all, and get down to the primary.

to what is pure.

most pure.

because the smallest of what is most pure, is more than the most of anything that is stained.