by Misty Dawn

if human words could ever do justice what the Lord’s been showing me lately about who He is . . .

i’d choose the word relentless.

His promise to make me into His image is borderline frightening.

the lengths He is going through to assure my redemption in Him are lengths farther than any depth i could measure.

His pursuit of me is relentless.

His plan for me is unstoppable.

He wants my greatest good more than i don’t want pain.


He’s relentless.

but His ways are not my ways.

and He knows my desires even more than i desire good.


He made my desires.

they’re the work of His hands!!!

He’s outside of time.

yet He’s put me in it.

there’s already an end . . .

and He wrote the whole story.


and yours.

and He’s the author.

my mind is blown.

He’s relentless.

i see Him redeeming.

i see His work in the hearts of those He’s pursuing.

those He’s chasing.

those He’s loving.

those who aren’t listening.

and those who are trying.

He’s redeeming.

and He’s relentless.

i can’t open a book without the waterfall of His grace pouring over me.

i can’t make small talk with a woman that I barely even know without seeing God’s mercy at work.

without hearing about how far His hand stretches.

the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

i can’t close my eyes without sensing His nearness.

and I can’t open them without seeing the shadows of His nature,

the shadows that He’s placed in everything.

He gives eyes to see to those who want to hear.

and faith to those who’ll listen.

are you listening?