the blind date that never ended.

by Misty Dawn

shoots with couples are the best kind.

neither person feels too much pressure to pose right.

they have someone to laugh at.

to laugh with.

and to connect with.


often times, i’m inspired.

and i’m reminded of how beautiful the dance is between two souls who belong to one another.

these two were set up by their parents.

by her mom, and his dad.

he’s moved by her compassion and the way she cares so deeply for people.

he’s the epitome of a gentleman she would say.

“i’m precious to him.”

“i know this because of how he treats me everyday.”

they’re looking forward to children that will turn them into grandparents.

and i’m looking forward to watching their love ever unfold.

thank you both for inspiring me.

for sharing with me pieces of your story, and what unites you both.

and for reminding me how lovely it is to love.