Something just tells me that few sessions will ever compare to this one.

Sessions are as different as the personalities of each person involved,

including myself.

Every session magnifies the reality of what our natural eye passes over instantly.  The day, or night’s, lighting, wind, tone, and of course our emotions.  Our moods.  Every session has the dynamic ability to really capture a particular season of life.  Even though it’s just an hour or so of our actual time, when we look back at the photos we remember much more than just outfits carefully chosen.  We remember more than a location, or perfectly chosen time of day.

We remember a season.  Of life.

We remember what was difficult, and we remember how we held on. And we remember the good.

We look back and treasure those moments that we’ve locked away in our hearts, those moments that we’ll protect forever.

This was one of those sessions.  

One of those perfect, absolutely impossible to re-create sessions.

And one of those seasons.

A season that will always be treasured, holding the memories of moments worth protecting, forever.