yes, Jesus.

i totally have a blog tab titled Jesus.

here’s why.

in 2011 I began “blogging,”

and then started this little “live your passions” journey.

i knew it would take off in a variety of directions. and i knew it would look like more than just photography, blogging and talking about my love for said blog tab.

at the time, i knew i wanted my hands open, raised, and ready for whatever God wanted to do. and goodness He’s done some stuff. but honestly y’all, before anything else, i’m a Christian.

born a wretched, wretched sinner.

but saved by perfect grace, through faith.

given not only salvation for the next life,

but access to the Kingdom of God as it is here.

and now.

so before i would entertain any other conversation with you about beautiful images for the frames in your home or the albums you create online,

i would first want to ask you,

do you know Jesus?

nothing else matters if you’ve not heard of Him, 

or heard of the love that He has for you.

i’d love more than any other thing to hear from you if you’ve not met Him, or even if you have.


email me so we can connect.

i’d love to meet you.

– misty